Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Yvonand Beach, Lausanne, Switzerland

Best wind direction:
Type of wind:
Wind force:
16-25 knots/18.4-28.8 mph
Kitesurfing styles:
Freestyle, freeride, bump and jump
Water quality:
Clean, no currents
Lausanne is the capital city of the Canton of Vaud and is situated in Romandy, the French speaking part of Switzerland, right on the shores of Lake Geneva. The city faces the Jura Mountains in the northwest and the French town of Évian-les-Bains and is located at 62 km / 39 mi in the northeast of Geneva. Lausanne is the fourth largest city of the country and well known as it hosts the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee.

In the vicinity of Lausanne, there are a lot of spots where extreme sports can be performed. One of them is Yvonand Beach where kite-surfing is getting particularly popular among enthusiasts of adrenaline. The beach is on a lake in the city with instant access, about 5 minutes from the city center. It is very easy to find and is accessible to the public.The spot quality is standard and anyone can practice kite-surfing here.

The wind is good for kite-surfing and with the proper waves, you can freestyle, free-ride bump and jump. Type of the wind is venturi and the force is medium at about 16-25 knots/18.4-28.8 mph. The main direction the wind blows is also the best direction and it comes from the northeast. The best relative direction is side – onshore.

It’s not windy everyday even in the best season, so you should check forecast bulletin daily, if you want to kitesurf there. The water quality is clean and there are no currents. The bottom of the lake is sandy with rocks and there is no tide dependency. Best time to visit is from August to October.

Bear in mind that it is a very popular beach so it is crowded every day. It is a great spot to visit if you live in Switzerland or if you are just passing by. Kite-surfing can become a memorable experience, if you get lucky with the wind.

How to Get to Destination

39.1 miles/64 km, 50 minutes
Head north on Bd Georges-Favon to Rue Horace-Bénédict-de-Saussure, continue towards Pont de la Coulouvreniere, continue to Bd James-Fazy, slight right to Rue Terreaux-du-Temple, turn right into Rue de Chantepoulet, take the first turning left into Rue de Cornavin, continue straight on Rue de Lausanne / Route 1, continue to follow the Route 1, continue along Route de Lausanne, slight left at Route 1, take the exit toward A1/E25/E62/Lausanne (Road with controlled toll) get on A1a, join the A1, at junction 17-Ecublens, stay left and follow signs for Lausanne-Sud/Lausanne-Ouchy/Lausanne-Centre, join the E23, At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit on the street Av. de Montoie towards Ouchy / Vevey / Lausanne, turn right to stay on Av. de Montoie, go through 1 roundabout, at the roundabout, take the 1st exit to Av. de Tivoli, slight left to stay on Av. de Tivoli, slight right toward Av. de Provence / Route 1, continue to follow the Route 1, continue along Av. Jules Gonin, continue along Rue du Grand-Chêne, slight right to Pl. Saint-Francois/Route 9.
131.1 miles/211 km, 2 hours 12 minutes
Head west on Werftsteg to Europaplatz, turn left into Europaplatz, turn right to stay on Europaplatz, slight right to Frohburgstrasse / Route 9, turn right at the Robert-Zund-Strasse/Route 9, continue to follow the Route 9, turn left into the Bahnhofplatz/N8/Route 2/Route 9, continue to follow the Bahnhofplatz/N8/Route 2, slight right to Pilatusstrasse / Route 2, turn right at Obergrundstrasse, turn left into Hirschengraben / Route 2, slight right to Hallwilerweg / Route 2, continue to follow the Route 2, take the exit to Basel / Bern / Zürich / Emmen, join the A2, enter the A1/A2, keep left, follow signs for E25/Lausanne/Bern/Biel/Oensingen, at junction 37-Wankdorf, stay right and follow the signs for E25/E27/A1 to Genève / Lausanne / Fribourg / Neuchâtel / Bern-Neufeld, keep right, follow signs for Gd-St-Bernard/A12/Vevey/Fribourg/Bern/Bümpliz, continue to A12/E27, at junction 14-La Veyre, stay right and follow the signs for E62/A9 to Genève / Lausanne (Road with controlled toll) take exit 12-Lutry to Belmont, keep left at the fork, follow signs for Lutry and enter the Route du Landar, continue straight on Route de la Conversion, turn left to stay on Route de la Conversion, continue along Route de la Bernadaz turn right to stay on Route de la Bernadaz, turn right at the Route du Simplon / Route 9, continue to follow the Route 9, go through 3 roundabouts, keep left, continue to follow the Route 9.
Lausanne Airport,
2.1 miles/4.6 km

Take a train from anywhere in Switzerland and disembark at Lausanne central station.


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