Wakeboarding in Interlaken, Bern-Mittelland, Switzerland

Best wind direction:
Average wind speed:
4 knots/7.4 kph
Average air temperature:
7-20°C /44.6-68°F
Bern is the capital city of Switzerland and the fifth most populous city in the country. It is also the capital of the Canton of Bern which is the second most populous among cantons. The official language in Bern is German but the main language the residents speak is the Alemannic dialect, called Bernese German. Bern is situated on the Swiss plateau in the Canton of Bern, in the north of the Bernese Alps and slightly in the west of the Swiss geographical center.

If you find yourself in Bern, don’t miss the opportunity to try wake-boarding at the nearby Interlaken. The wake-boarding takes place in Thun Lake (Thunsee). The lake is magnificent and very large as in its maximum length reaches at 17.5 km / 10.9 mi long and its width reaches at 3.5 km /2.3 mi and the surface is 48.3 m²/520 ft². There you will meet the perfect conditions for wake-boarding.

The space is plenty and pretty crowded so watch out for other wake-boarders or water skiers!  The elevation on the lake surface reaches at 558 m /1831 ft and the water volume is 6.5 m²/70 ft². The wind comes on its best form from west-northwest, northwest and northeast and in its average speed is at about 4 knots/7.4 kph.

The air temperature ranges between the averages of 7-20°C /44.6-68°F, depending on the season. The average depth for the lake is at 136 m /446 ft and to a certain extent, it reaches its maximum depth at 217 m /712 ft.

Don’t worry about the equipment and if you are a novice wake-boarder because in the beach and around, you will find schools and shops with experienced staff to help you. If you are a wake-boarding enthusiast, it worth the trouble to visit Thun Lake.