Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Bounty Bay, Jamaica, Jamaica

Skill Level:
All Boarders
Wind Direction:
Speed of the Wind:
4Bf/12knots to 6Bf/25knots
Average Water Temperature:
Jamaica is an island country located in the northern Caribbean Sea. It lies in the ''hurricane belt'' of the Caribbean. Jamaica is also standing south of Cuba, west of the Hispaniola Island and south-east of the Cayman Islands. The capital city of Jamaica is Kingston.

If you are looking for a tropical island, where you can relax on long, white beaches with turquoise waters, Jamaica must be the first choice in your planning list. First of all people in Jamaica are very welcoming. Secondly, having these gorgeous beaches, it is no wonder how activities such as water-sports were developed. In case you aren’t a boarder enthusiast, you will surely enter the temptation to try your kiteboarding skills. Bounty Bay is one of the top spots for kiteboarding, you should definitely visit. It is a site, where beginners, as well as experienced boarders can exist at the same time. There are many kite instructors able to help all skill level boarders.

Concerning the more technical features, the wind is coming from Northeast, East and Southeast. The winds are quite strong all year round, except of autumn months. During the period lasting from November to May, East is the dominant wind, while during the period lasting from March to July, the favorable wind direction is coming from the Northeast. The speed of the wind ranges between 4 Bf/12 knots and 6 Bf/25 knots. Finally, freestyle and wave style are some styles that boarders mostly practice.

As a tropical island, Jamaica’s weather is warm all year round. The temperature of the water averages to 28°C/82.4°F. After your performance in this exciting spot, enjoy a great meal with your friends in a large variety of restaurants around Montego Bay.