Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Saint Blaise, Bern, Switzerland

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Bern is the capital city of Switzerland and the fifth most populous city in the country. It is also the capital of the Canton of Bern which is the second most populous among the Swiss cantons. Bern is situated on the Swiss plateau in the Canton of Bern, north of the Bernese Alps and slightly at 20 km/12 mi in the west from the center of Switzerland.

Given this geographical setting, Bern is also popular for its big sporting activity in and around its metropolitan area. Saint Blaise, a beach in the Lac de Neuchâtel, lies near Bern. In Saint Blaise, a very popular sport among others is kite-surfing. The beach is almost within the city’s limits, in a short distance of about 5 minutes from the center. It is very easy to find and has public access.

The spot quality is great and is good for intermediate kite-surfers. The wind’s direction and speed allow for freestyle as a kite-surfing style.  The optimum wind direction blows from northeast and southwest with an average speed of 3 beaufort. Average air temperature is 6 – 18°C/42.8- 64.4°F depending the season.

The water quality is crystal clear and the bottom of the lake is rocky. There is no tide dependency on the spot.Best time to practice kite-surfing is in afternoon but you should be extra careful of other water crafts. It is not a very crowded beach.

Only few surfers are around, so the spot is all yours to enjoy! If you find yourself in Bern, don’t miss the opportunity to kite-surf in this beautiful lake!