Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Cabarete Bay, Dominican Republic, Dominican Republic

Dominant Wind:
Wind speed:
13knots/24kph to 30knots/55.5kph
Most Wind Season:
June to August
Skill Level:
All Levels of Boarders
The island of Hispaniola is shared by two countries, the Dominican Republic nation and the Haiti nation. The island is situated in the northern Caribbean Sea. Santo Domingo, the capital city of Dominican Republic is standing in the south.

Cabarete is a town located on the eastern side of Puerto Plata, in the northern Dominican Republic. The nation is divided into 31 provinces. Cabarete belongs to the province of Puerto Plata. Cabarete Bay, hosting many vacation, sport and entertainment opportunities, is a great place to visit. Kiteboarding is one of the most popular sports on this beach. There are many kite schools standing on the beach, with experienced instructors who are looking forward to introduce you to this amazing world.

Freestyle and wave styles are the main styles that boarders can practice. The weather conditions for kiteboarding are pretty good in the Cabarete Bay. More specifically, Southeast and East are the dominant wind directions. Their intention fluctuates between 13 knots/24 kph to 30 knots/55.5 kph. The most windy season in Cabarete lasts from June to August. Furthermore Dominican Republic has a tropical climate. The annual average temperature is 25°C/77°F, while water’s temperature is about  28°C/82.4°F.

Kiteboarding in these crystal, warm waters and with these constant trade winds is an amazing experience, that you will definitely remember for the rest of your life!

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Gregorio Luperon International Airport Puerto Plata
20.6km/12.8miles, 22 minutes
Gregorio Luperon International Airport Puerto Plata Dominican Republic 1. Head west 2. Sharp left 3. Take the first left turn the route of Route 5 4. Turn right the route of Route 5 5. Turn left into the Lane 5 Pass the Esso (on ​​your left at 18.6 miles) 6. Turn left at Century 21 Juan Perdomo to Paseo Don Chiche. Go through the La Terrasse, Cabarete (on ​​your right) Paseo Don Chiche.
BY CAR FROM Cibao International Airport
67.6km/42miles, 1 hour 17 minutes
Cibao International Airport Santiago Dominican Republic 1. Head southwest 2. Exit the roundabout 3. Turn right 4. Turn left at Carretera Puñal Adentro 5. Continue straight to Carretera Puñal Adentro 6. Continue to Imbert 7. Turn left into the Borojoi 8. Turn right Farmacia Franklin Paulino to Carretera Duarte 9. Turn left into the Route 14. Go through the TEXACO (on ​​your right) 10. Continue to Av 27 De Febrero. Go through Gasolinera de Gas propano en San Victor / El cruce (on ​​the left in 1.9 km away) 11. Turn right Nativa GAS to Route 21. Go through the Capilla Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia (on ​​your left at 9.2 miles) 12. Turn left into the Lane 5 Go through the Policia de Verdum (on ​​your left) 13. Turn right to Century 21 Juan Perdomo to Paseo Don Chiche. Go through the La Terrasse, Cabarete (on ​​your right) Paseo Don Chiche.
Gregorio Luperon International Airport Puerto Plata,
Cibao International Airport,

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