Surfing in Tofhino, Tofo Beach, Inhambane Mozambique

Inhambane is a city in the southern Mozambique, lying on the Inhambane Bay at 470 km/292 mi north-east of Maputo. Known as Terra De Boa Gente (Land of Good People), it is one of the oldest and prettiest settlements in Mozambique. The landscape surrounding Inhambane is dominated by vast coconut palms where an architectural atmosphere, rich in diverse history dominated the spot's character.

Tofo beach is a stunning 8 km/5 mi stretch of sandy beach, at 20 km/12 mi away from Inhambane city. Tofo’s little brother spot, Tofhino point, offers an amazing right hand point break surfing and accommodates the experienced surfer. Tofhino has featured in a number of magazine articles and the surfing experience is just mind blowing!!

The spot offers epic consistent reef-coral waves which on a good day range between 300-500 m/984-1640 ft in length. This right handler works best on low and mid tide with falling tide movement. Swells start working 1 m/3 ft and holds up to 4 m/12 ft and the best months to visit this spot are January to September.