Surfing in Fairy Bower, Manly, New South Wales Australia

Best wind direction:
Swell Size:
5ft – 6ft (1.5-2m) to 12ft (4m)
Best swell direction:
Manly is a suburb of northern Sydney. Historic landmarks, sandy beaches, hidden coves and impressive National Parks are certainly parts of the charm of this destination.Fairy Bower is a little inlet surounded by rocks just along the waterfront from Shelly beach.

This site is an exposed point break that has good surf at all stages of the tide. Surfers can explore the waves with swell sizes from 5 ft–6 ft (1.5–2 m) to 12 ft (4 m).

The beach is aproppriate for experienced surfers. The best wind direction is from the southwest and the best swell direction is from the southeast. In summer the wind blows offshore at 23%, in autumn the wind blows at 43%, in winter at 49% and in spring at 27%. This spot can be dived all year long. Take care of the rocks and the urchins.

Note: the beach gets crowded during weekends. Apart from surfing, there is a variety of activities, attractions, restaurants and bars available along Sydney’s northern peninsula.