Scuba Diving in Wondergat Dolomitic Sinkhole, Mafikeng, North-West South Africa

Depth `:
Over 10m/33ft
North West is a province in the northern part of South Africa, on the Botswana border and fringed by Kalahari desert to the west, Gauteng province to the east and Free State to the south. Home to the Sun City, it attracts both locals and tourists all year round and has a great deal to offer. It is peaceful and offers a sunny climate all year through, making for a most rewarding holiday experience.

Wondergat Dolomitic Sinkhole in Mafikeng is the deepest natural hole in the mainland of South Africa, offering a jaw dropping cave diving experience at 100 m/328 ft by 75 m/246 ft at surface with depths varying according to season. It is popular with advanced and technical divers and one needs to be of high fitness level since you have to go down and 35 irregular steps fully geared!!! There is a saying in South Africa that says … you haven’t dived until you dive Wondergat!!

The maximum diving depth here stand at 65 m/213 ft with visibility ranging between 4-20 m/13-65 ft. The spot is a shore entry site with two buoy lines, a north grid 38 m/125 ft deep and a south grid 36 m/ 118 ft deep which you can use to ascend and descend. You will need a torch since it is dark down there and for first timers, it can give you the chills due to the depth and darkness. Expected aquatic life includes the banded tilapia, sharp-tooth catfish and the southern mouthbrooder.

Air and nitrox fills are available on site. It is always necessary to phone in advance since in some cases Wondergat is closed to visitors due to maintenance purposes.