Parasailing in Sun City, Pilanesberg National Park, North-West South Africa

North West is a province in the northern part of South Africa, on the Botswana border and fringed by Kalahari desert to the west, Gauteng province to the east and Free State to the South. Home to the Sun City, it attracts both locals and tourists all year round and has a great deal to offer. It is peaceful and offers a sunny climate all year through, making for a most rewarding holiday experience.

Sun City is just not famous for casinos and gourmets, but has a great deal to offer when it comes to water sports. Para-sailing in Sun City is conducted at the man-made Sun City lake of about 500-1000 m/1640-3280 ft in a natural volcanic valley.

The trip starts with a short run before being lifted into the air to an approximate height of 35 m/114 ft. Feel the breath of fresh air as you fly around the lake before landing in the water. Double parasails are available on spot and no experience is needed to attempt this exhilarating adventure.