Horseback Riding in Dome Horse Trails, Vredefort Dome, North-West South Africa

Trail :
5 km/3.1 mi
Wieght Limit :
95 kg/209 lb
North West is a province in the northern part of South Africa, on the Botswana border and fringed by Kalahari desert to the west, Gauteng province to the east and Free State to the South. Home to the Sun City, it attracts both locals and tourists all year round and has a great deal to offer. It is peaceful and offers a sunny climate all year through, making for a most rewarding holiday experience.

Resulted by a huge bolide impact, the Vredefort Dome is believed to be the largest impact crater to have existed on earth consisting of partial ring of hills at 70 km/43.5 mi in diameter.

The dome offers an unbeatable fauna and flora in the most remote wilderness area making for an epic horse riding experience. Get in the saddle and seize this unforgettable riding experience on a 5 km/ 3.1 mi trail along the course of Vaal River. The trail also includes the “Golden Mile” which is a jaw dropping scenery through unspoilt ravines and montane woodland.

Enjoy breathtaking views with afternoon rides promising  stunning sunsets and for the die hard romantics….there is no better way to rekindle that romance!! Riding here is open to the intermediate and advanced horse riders comfortable at walk, trot and strong canter. The trails run all year through and can last from hours to days depending on one’s choice. Advance booking is essential and should be done 2 weeks prior.

Maximum weight limit is at 95 kg/209 lb.