Four Wheel Driving in Berakah, Vredefort Dome, North-West South Africa

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North West is a province in the northern part of South Africa, on the Botswana border and fringed by Kalahari desert to the west, Gauteng province to the east and Free State to the South. Home to the Sun City, it attracts both locals and tourists all year round and has a great deal to offer. It is peaceful and offers a sunny climate all year through, making for a most rewarding holiday experience.

Berakah trail is one of the oldest favorites and is a must do if you haven’t already done so. It is set in the Vredefort Dome, a vast geological structure, comprised of a central core granite-gneiss. It is a self drive one way route with escape routes, however you cannot turn back. The trail consists of roads with seasonal two track travel. Covering a distance of 13 km/8 mi long, level of difficulty ranges between 2-4 and lasts between 5-6 hours long.

However, the level of difficulty can also be argued, depending on an individual’s experience as well. The terrain here is comprised of utterly steep and rocky ups and downs, mud and river crossings as well as log bridges. The spot is an all year round destination, although it is always advisable to phone and cross check conditions beforehand, especially after the rains, since some roads can be closed down.