Scuba Diving in The Tribars, Sydney, New South Wales Australia

Maximum Depth:
Botany Bay is located in Sydney, at about 13 km/8.1 mi in the south of Sydney's CBD (Central Business District). Botany Bay has an amazing marine life and the area around its entrance is very popular for scuba diving. The Tribars or The Container Wall is one of the many dive sites available on the spot.

Access to the spot is either by boat or from the shore, at the end of Prince of Wales Drive. Climb over the low wall and find a suitable route to the water edge. It is recommended that you should only take a small tank with you, due to the difficult route.

On the southern side of the wall, many caves and tunnels are waiting to be explored. Inside the tunnels divers are able to see bream, luderick, huge mullaway and crayfish to name just a few.

The average depth here is at 12 m/39.4 ft and the maximum depth is at 27 m/88.6 ft. Visibility is medium (varies from 5 m/16.4 ft to 10 m/32.8 ft long) and it is good on high tide. Water temperature is up to 21°C/69.8°F in summer and early autumn months and between 14-18°C/57.2-64.4°F in winter.

The site can be dived in almost all weather. Last but not least, it is a crowded site, especially during weekends. Apart from diving, there is a variety of activities, attractions, restaurants and bars available along Sydney’s southern peninsula. Note: it is also an excellent night dive spot.