Scuba Diving in Pota del Llop, Medes Islands, Catalonia Spain

15-20 m / 49-66 ft
Water temperature:
Winter 12°C / 54°F - Summer 22°C/ 72°F
Sea bed:
Best period:
The Illes Medes (in Catalan) or Ilsas Medas (in Spanish) is a wonderful small group of seven islets in the northwest Mediterranean Sea. They are situated east of the coastal town of L'Estartit.

The magical marine nature and the rich heritage, make Medes Islands a popular tourist destination. A place that can cater the needs of the most demanding scuba diving enthusiast. What you have dreamt about scuba diving is now within reach. Experiencing scuba diving in the famous spot of Pota del Llop (The Wolf’s Paw) will surely give you the time of your life.

Pota del Llop (The Wolf’s Paw) is located in the northern part of Meda Gran. It is a diving spot addressed only to experienced divers. The rock, arising above sea level, looks like the footprint of a wolf, hence the name of the spot. The site is famous for the vertical underwater wall (40 m/ 131 ft). The walls are covered with sea fans, corals and sponges and with red and yellow sea whips.

At the deepest wall of the spot (40 m/ 131 ft), you will admire creatures such as octopus, lobsters, conger eels, moray eels, lizard fish and breams. The spot offers good visibility between 15-20 m / 49-66 ft. The most appropriate season to visit this place is from April-October. During winter months the water temperature is expected around 12°C / 54°F , while in summer months around 22°C/ 72°F. Last but not least, Medes Islands are accessed only by boat. There are a lot of scuba diving schools in L’Estartit that will be responsible for your transportation to Medes Islands.

Being considered as the most beautiful walls of Medes Islands, Pota del Llop (The Wolf’s Paw) is definitely worth visiting!