Scuba Diving in Carall Bernat, Medes Islands, Catalonia Spain

Best period:
10-25 m / 33-82 ft
Water temperature:
Winter 12°C / 54°F - Summer 22°C/ 72°F
The Illes Medes (in Catalan) or Ilsas Medas (in Spanish) is a wonderful small group of seven islets in the northwest Mediterranean Sea. They are situated east of the coastal town of L'Estartit.

Today, being widely known as an important marine reserve, Medes Islands host a vast number of foreign visitors. Both those who are interested in visiting places that are untouched from the modern civilization, as well as those who want to admire the marine diversity, consider Medes Islands as a top holiday destination.

Medes Islands are famous for Scuba Diving and offer many interesting diving spots. One of them is Carall Bernat. It is located near Pasco Petit. Diving at this spot is addressed to all skill levels. Carall Bernat sits at an elevation of 72 m / 236 ft above sea level and offers an underwater visibility between 10-25 m / 33-82 ft. During winter months the water temperature can be expected around 12°C /54°F, whereas in summer months around 22°C / 72°F.

The deepest area of this spot is at 40 m / 131 ft. The characteristic of this diving spot is diversity of flora. The species that you will come across are moray eels, violescent sea-whip (gorgonian), gilt-head sea bream, conger eels, bass, barracuda and perhaps even a dolphin or sunfish.

You also have to know that Medes Islands are accessed only by boat. The scuba diving school that you will choose for this experience, will pick you up from L’Estartit and take you to Medes Islands to fulfill this thrilling dream!!!