Scuba Diving in La Vaca (Cow Cave), Medes Islands, Catalonia Spain

15-20 m / 49-66 ft
Water temperature:
Winter 12°C / 54°F - Summer 22°C/ 72°F
Sea bed:
Best period:
The Illes Medes (in Catalan) or Ilsas Medas (in Spanish) is a wonderful small group of seven islets in the northwest Mediterranean Sea. They are situated east of the coastal town of L'Estartit.

Choose Spain and more particularly Medes Islands as a tourist destination and explore true marine diversity. Scuba diving is a unique experience in Medes Islands.

La Vaca (Cow Cave) is one of the diving sites of Medes Islands, which is a tunnel 5 m / 16 ft wide and 30 m /98 ft long. This large tunnel is located in the Meda Gran. The maximum depth at this 30 m / 98 ft long cave is 22 m / 72 ft. The entrance of the tunnel is at 14 m / 45 ft.

The tunnel is quite lighted and offers great visibility of 15-20 m / 49-66 ft. Red coral, scorpion fish, octopus and plenty of grouper are only some of the marine creatures that you will come across. Furthermore, the site is protected from currents.

La Vaca (Cow Cave) is suitable for all levels of ability. The most appropriate season to visit this place is from April-October. Medes Islands are accessed only by boat. There are a lot of scuba diving schools in L’Estartit that will be responsible for your transportation to Medes Islands.

After a thrilling day at Medes Islands, L’Estartit promises you the best for your entertainment!!