Scuba Diving in Tent Reef Wall, Saba, Saba Netherlands Antilles

Mooring depth:
20 ft / 6 m
Maximum depth:
100 ft / 30 m
Visibility :
> 60 ft / 20 m
Type of dive:
Wall diving
Saba belongs in the Caribbean Netherlands and is the smallest municipality of Netherlands Antilles. In its biggest part, it consists of a potentially active volcano, namely Mount Scenery which is the highest point in the Kingdom of Netherlands. The island, including the islet of Green Island became a municipality after the Netherlands Antilles were dissoluted in October 2010.

In Saba, you will meet a big variety of diving sites as scuba diving is the best choice as an activity in a Caribbean island. The bottom of the sea is beautiful and the Caribbean waters are eagerly waiting to welcome you. Diving sites at the island are more than 29 so it is advisable not to repeat one unless it has become already a favorite one after a first dive.

The beauty is everywhere so it is a pity to stay only in one site. One spot sets apart though, the Tent Reef Wall which totally worth scuba diving. It is a dramatic wall dive of multiple levels, full of rich colors and looming overhangs. The overhang ledge that is at 50 ft / 15.2 m provides a close look at the countless of colorful encrusting species of sponges.

The entire route is at 80 ft / 24.3 m below sea level, where you will be following the wall all along. When you reach the top of the ledge, it worth to spend some minutes and admire the scorpion fish, the occasionally spotted white nose pipe-fish and frog-fish. In the shadow, the hidden large Barracuda and queen angelfish make this dive a thumbs up dive!!!