Scuba Diving in Le Natal, Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur France

Average / maximum depth:
120 m/393.7 ft - 127 m/416.7 ft
Medium 1 - 2 Knots/1.1-2.2 mph
Level of Experience / Dive type:
Kamikazes / Trimix / Wreck
GPS Coordinates:
Good 10 – 30 m/33 – 98.5 ft
Marseille is situated on the southeast coast of France. It is the second largest city and the center of the second largest metropolitan area after Paris. Marseille is the capital of the Bouches-du-Rhône department as well as Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. The whole urban and metropolitan area extends beyond city limits. Marseille is France’s largest commercial port and the largest city on the Mediterranean coast.

Due to the unique location of Marseille on the Mediterranean coast, there are many wonderful beaches where many sea sports are being practiced. Scuba diving is generally extremely popular in the entire France as Jacques Yves Cousteau, the most famous diver worldwide, was born there. The perfect spot for scuba diving is Le Natal.

Le Natal was a liner of 130 m/427 ft length that sunk on August 30th, 1917, due to a collision with another liner. In order to avoid being targeted by Germans, Le Natal was sailing under the cover of darkness without any lights. The dive is an extreme Trimix dive far from the shore and is reserved for the most trained and qualified divers.

The liner has being attempted only a couple of times in the recent years. Moreover very calm sea conditions are required.  The site is accessible only by boat. The ride with the boat is long,  over a half an hour and hard to find so it is recommended to have with you GPS or a compass. When you find it, you will be fully rewarded though.

The dive site quality is great with an interesting bio life. Visibility is good at 10 – 30 m / 33 – 98.5 ft long. If you decide to dive, you should be extra careful due to the depth, current, boat traffic and fishermen nets. It is a dive that totally worth the trouble though, so if you are a scuba diving enthusiast and pro, you will have a blast there.