Scuba Diving in AJ Rogers Shipwreck, Traverse City, Michigan USA

16.15 m/ 53 ft
Skill Level:
Beginning to Intermediate
Best diving season:
Grand Traverse Bay is a 51 km/ 32 mi long, 16 km/ 10 mi wide bay of Lake Michigan. The Grand Traverse Bay Underwater Preserves accommodates many shipwrecks. One of the wrecks located in the Grand Traverse Preserve is that of the A. J. Rogers.

The A.J.Rogers was a 42.06 m/138 ft long wooden schooner, built in 1862. She was owned by Capt. Graham and others of Sandusky and measured 340 tons. On October 8, 1898 she sailed from Elk Rapids for Sandusky, carrying 585 tons of pig iron. She was leaking badly, when she turned back near Cat Head Point the next day. When Capt. Frank Conlin realized he could not make it to the shore, he tried to reach Old Mission Point, but went down before making it. Her crew found shelter to the lighthouse nearby.

Today, what’s left of her, lies in 16.15 m/53 ft depth of water, 7.24 km/4.5 mi off the tip of the Old Mission Peninsula. She is accessible by boat. Best diving is in autumn, when the water is still warm and the recreational boat traffic decreased. So, visit this amazing place, enjoy scuba diving and live a one in a lifetime experience!