Hot Air Ballooning in Traverse City, Grand Traverse Bay, Michigan USA

2000-3000 ft / 610-914 m
Weather condition :
10 yrs +
Located at the south end of Grand Traverse Bay, Traverse City is actually a 32 mi (51 km) long, 10 mi (16 km) wide and up to 620 ft (190 m) deep in spots bay of Lake Michigan. Combining varied natural attractions for adventure and/or relaxation, Traverse City is a four-season visitor’s destination.

Most of us are familiar with Hot Air Balloons from our childhood, after reading (or watching one of the many film adaptations of) Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days”. Maybe we won’t experience the same difficulties as Phileas Fogg -after all we won’t have to worry about the clock ticking- but we will definitely experience the same excitement of a Hot Air Balloon flight with the 21st century’s amenities.

Meet your traveling companions just before sunrise, get into the balloon basket and wait for your experienced F.A.A. Certified Pilot to take care of the rest. The launching varies, as it depends on the direction of the wind, but is always within a 15 mi/24 km radius of Traverse City.

The balloon flies as high as 2000-3000 ft/610-914 m or more. You will be able to see East and West Grand Traverse Bay, the Chain-o-lakes, as well as the alluring northern Michigan landscapes. A small camera or hand-held video camera may come in handy to capture the amazing scenery, while you’re in flight. Upon landing, the experience ends with the traditional Champagne Celebration.