Scuba Diving in Bondi Beach, Sydney, New South Wales Australia

Maximum depth :
Bondi beach is the widest and most famous beach in the Sydney region. It is located in the suburb of Bondi, at just 7 km/4 mi from the center of Sydney. If you are a scuba diving enthusiast, then you should visit North Bondi.

You can choose between shore entries or boat dives. The beach is aproppriate for more advanced divers. Visibility is good, around 10 m/32 ft or more. The maximum depth of the spot is 20 m/64 ft. Water temperature is up to 21°C/69.80°F in summer and early autumn months and between 14-18 °C/57.20-64.40°F in winter.

Divers will have the opportunity to witness an amazing marine life. The Weedy Sea Dragon is a sea horse which can only be found in NSW waters. At about 15m below the sea level, two impressive caves (Cathedral and Slot) are waiting to be explored. There are plenty of accomodation options to suit every taste and every budget.

Finally, visitors can enjoy coastal walks and the magnificent view of the sea in one of the many cafes and restaurants on the streets around the beach.