Rafting in Pindul Cave, Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta Indonesia

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Java is the 5th largest island in Indonesia and the world's most populous as well. It acts as Indonesia's center of cultural and economic activity. Java is divided into four provinces, West Java, East Java, Central Java and Banted plus two additional special regions, Jakarta and Yogyakarta. Java is almost entirely of volcanic origin and lies between Sumatra to the west and Bali to the east.

Pindul Cave located in the Bejiharjo Village promises a sensational adventure. If you thought rafting in a river is awesome, try rafting in a river that is located inside a cave!!! The cave is part of seven caves with an underground river flowing within. This funny and challenging experience is open to all ages and no experience is needed. Enjoy the caves beauty, panorama and with no doubt the stalagmites and stalactites while floating on the underground Pindul river.

While wading through the cold waters with limited light, the guide would narrate you the legend of the Pindul name and how it came to existence. Pindul Cave is a horizontal cave with a width of 5 m/16.4 ft, length of 350 m/1148 ft and a height of 4 m/13 ft. The river depths vary between 2-7 m/6.5-23 ft, although there are mixed information about these statics but most most sources confirm the maximum depth of 7 m/23 ft.

The general condition of cave is good with a dark valley in the middle and the river waters are considerably calm. The whole journey lasts for about an hour and is best conducted in the morning.