Rafting in Steyr River, Sankt Martin, Styria Austria

Level of diffuculty:
between WW 2 to 3+ (moderate)
Route length:
25/15.9 mi to 32 km/19.1 mi
Minimum duration:
7 hours
Steyr is a city which is situated in the federal state of Upper Austria, right on the junction of Steyr and Enns rivers. It is the third largest city in Upper Austria and the 12th most populated. However, the city serves an exquisite spot in Sankt Martin, at 109 km/67 mi in the southwest of Steyr, in Styria State, ideal destination for white water rafting.

Another way to attract a totally different kind of tourists is by creating sport opportunities, especially with the river Steyr nearby. One of the performed sports that are very popular on Steyr River is white water rafting. There are many white water rafting tours that are taking place, but one of them is pretty distinguished.

This tour is on a larger section of about 35 km / 21.1 mi down Salza and further above the normal entry points. A lower water level can be driven with smaller boats such as mini rafting or Kanuraft River Rider. A special highlight of the trip, a visit to the gorge is feasible.

Level of difficulty depends on the direction of the water so it ranges between WW 2 to 3+ (moderate). Route length is from 25 km /15.9 mi to 32 km /19.1 mi long, depending on the direction of the water. Minimum duration is 7 hours so it is suggested that you are in a good physical condition. Come and enjoy this magnificent route over the Steyr River.