Wakeboarding in Folly Beach, Charleston, South Carolina USA

Wave Quality:
Wave Type:
Wave direction:
Right and left
Folly Beach is a city, situated in Folly island, in Charleston County, South Carolina, United States. Folly Beach is known as one of the most popular spots along the East Coast. It is widely known that if you visit this place, you will feel what is called, best vacations.

In a place with natural beauty and many amenities, fun is an indisputable fact. Give yourself the opportunity to witness this aquatic beauty and enjoy yourself in all fields. The best way to feel the adventure is to relax and concentrate on the most exciting sport, like wakeboarding. Having the best conditions on your favor, wakeboarding can be an extraordinary activity.

The wave quality is normal, wave type is beach-break, wave direction is right and left. On hurricane season you will be able to exercise the best wakeboarding of your life as only 30% of waves are flat. The wave length is normal (50 to 150 m/164-492 ft). The wind direction is southwest and northwest and the wind speed reaches at 10 knots/18.5 kph.

September is the most appropriate season to exercise your favorite sport. Once the sun goes down, you can enjoy yourself tasting excellent cuisine in the most impressive restaurants that you easily find nearby.