Kayaking in Saguenary Lac St Jean, Saguenay, Quebec Canada

63 m / 206 ft
Lac-St-Jean (Saint John's Lake) is located at 206 km/128 mi north of the Saint-Lawrence-River into which it drains via the Saguenary river. It is a large lake in the south central Quebec, Canada, in the Laurentian Highlands. The lake covers an area of 1053 km²/406.57 mi², while its deepest point goes down to 63 m/206 ft depth.

This river has a lot of point in its favor. A lot of people visit this place to get in touch with the marine environment and the majestic landscape. The Saguenary Lac-St-Jean has a unique combination of culture, architecture and breathtaking views. It also offers a wide range of  activities. It is well known that performing kayaking in this area will be an unforgettable activity, since the river is famous for its fresh and clean waters.

You can start enjoying your favorite activity from L’Anse-Saint-Jean, which is member of the Plus Beaux Village du Quebec Association and one of Quebec’s most traditional villages. Another point in its favor is that while practicing kayaking in this area, you will have the opportunity to watch minky and beluga whales, falcons and seals. This river has all you need for the best kayaking, including 350 m/1148 ft cliffs, 6 m/19 ft tides and 100 km/62 mi of pure nature.

The most appropriate season to exercise kayaking is from mid May to mid October. After a thrilling day, don’t miss to try the famous gourmet dishes of this place.