Rafting in Umkomaas River, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal South Africa

Paddling Area:
14 km/8.7 mi
3-4 hours
Best Season :
November -April
Durban is a beautiful city and the biggest one in the KwaZulu - Natal. lt has an amazing coastline, diverse landscape with the most spectacular mountain range in South Africa. Climate is sub-tropical with warm wet summers, mild frost-free winters and all year round sunshine. Its amazing sandy beaches stretch into the Indian Ocean with water temperatures at 19°C/66.2°F even during winter.

The Umkomaas River provides a challenging yet exciting white water rafting experience. Located at about 95 km/59 mi away from Durban, it is also known as the”Mkomazi”, meaning “the place of cows” in the Zulu dialect. It boasts some of the best rapids in South Africa and is characterized by pristine waters, accommodating both the novice and advanced paddlers.

The river is a big-volume river and is considered the most dense volume south of the Zambezi. Enjoy paddling  14 km/8.7 mi as the Umkomaas winds its way through the Duma Manzi Reserve which is home to a number of wildlife including the Impalas , giraffe, white rhino just to mention a few. Rapids here stand between grade 2-3 and take between 3-4 hours to accomplish.

Rafting on the Umkomaas is possible during the mid summer months of November through to April and as the water level is highly dependent on the rainfall. Things to bring along include river shoes/takkies, towel, sun-screen baggies…. and not forgetting the urge to face the unknown!!