Rafting in Breede River, Cape Winelands, Western Cape South Africa

Rapids Grade:
Cape Winelands is an area of vast vines and vineyards as the name suggests. Situated in the north east of Cape Town, it constitutes fertile green valleys, towns and villages surrounded by proud mountains. It is characterized by Mediterranean Climate and the winter rain contributes to the famous wine production which can be found in most of the world's corners.

Considered as one of South Africa’s largest navigating rivers, it is the highlight of commercial paddling in the Western Cape. The Breede River is 337 km/209 mi long but the paddling area covers a distance of 11 km/6.9 mi. Rafting here offers amazing scenery, promising a much sense of tranquility.

Rapids here is graded as 1 and level of difficulty is easy. The best times for experiencing the maximum pleasure of rafting at this spot is from mid September to the end of April. The river can rise some several meters during winter and spring times but when these conditions occur, no rafting is conducted.