Rafting in Clackamas River, Portland, Oregon USA

83 mi/133.5 km
Located in northwestern Oregon, Clackamas River is a 83 mi/133.5 km river, mostly crossing beautiful forested landscapes or agricultural fields.

In between Mount Hood and Mount Jefferson, it begins its course in Marion County. Its upper and lower sides are both rafting spots.

The lower River is closer to Portland and is quite spacious with fewer people rafting, making it more appropriate for beginners, while the opposite stands for the upper River. That has strong rapids reaching class IV and is preferred by most of its visitors, due to the thrilling experiences that promises to give them.

Three Lynx Power Station and North Fork Reservoir are the most well known spots. Conveniently located close to Portland, it is ideal for a brief get away or a full day trip. There you will find plenty of hotels and restaurants, if you want to spend the night.