Mountain Biking in Willamette Pass Resort, Eugene, Oregon USA

Trails for beginners:
Trails for advanced riders:
One sport, two courses
Willamette Pass is a resort in Oregon and more specifically in Klamath County. Many people from all over the world visit this place, as they can fulfill their expectations here. So, be one of them and enjoy yourself in the most suitable place.

Conveniently located at sixty six miles away from Eugene, the second largest city in the state of Oregon, the spot provides its visitors with numerous choices in hotels, restaurants and activities.

It is open all year for both winter and summer season for a variety of sports.

Great place for Mountain biking, it provides with two trails for beginners, one sport, and two courses for the more advanced riders. Also one of the few places offering lift access. Here you find some easygoing routes, pain free, but there are some vertical ones for which you need good skills, helmet and a full body suit to protect you, just in case.

If you are looking for great excitement, either by riding your bike in rough paths and trails or if you need something more relaxing as a ride in the nature, Willamette Pass is the place to visit.