Parasailing in Miami Beach, Miami, Florida USA

Top rising height:
Up to 600ft/182m
Best season:
All year round
Miami is a gifted with tropical climate cosmopolitan city, located on the Atlantic coast. As it is considered to be America's top class resort city, with vibrant nightlife and endless international cultural happenings as well as top sport activities and events, Miami is a global destination for the outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

The city is a must for water sports as it provides easy access into endless sandy beaches with sparkling waters. Miami Beach is famous for hosting a wide variety of activities. No matter what your favorite water sport is, parasailing is a one of a kind experience.

Parasailing is a great fun activity and a perfect way to enjoy and get bird’s eye views over the wonderful Miami Beach. As you slowly rise into the air, at a height of up to 600 ft/182 m above the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, you will have the opportunity to observe manta ray’s, sea turtles and sandbars and feel the serenity of a soaring experience above the crowded beach and the noisy city.

So sit back and relax with a perfectly safe para-sailing adventure that does not require any kind of skills. Kids over 5 years old are only allowed to perform the sport on spot.