Freestyle Motocross in Glen Helen Raceway, San Bernardino, California USA

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San Bernardino city is located in the eastern side of San Bernardino Valley in California. In the north side of the city, the Bernardino mountains and the National Forest, offer some great recreational activities for the visitor.

What makes the city unique among the rest of Southern Californian cities is the wealth of fresh water, running underground. The climate is Mediterranean with cool winters and hot dry summers. Glen Helen Raceway is an amazing raceway facility, located at few miles. It was created back in 1985 at the foothills of a mountain side and the spot has hosted several sand drag, off road and motocross events. 

It is also a stop to the major Red Bull X-Fighters event where the best motocross riders from all around the world, gather to compete in skills and style. Glen Helen has four insane tracks for motocross fans. The Grand Prix, the PeeWee, AMA National MX and MX REM. All these tracks, located at just few minutes away from the famous Route 66, give you ideas about how planning a road trip can end up at the raceway park.

Whether you are just visiting or competing to any of the up coming events, you will most certainly feel the adrenaline of free riding motocross under the hot Californian sun. A playground that all dirt riders should add in their checklist.