Extreme Hiking / Hiking in Big Bear Mountain Resorts, San Bernardino, California USA

shortest route:
1 mile/1.6 km
Bear Mountain Ski Resort is located on the San Bernardino Mountain, by the Big Bear Lake, California, USA.

Big Bear Lake and Bear Mountain are two sisters resorts. These resorts operate under the same management and are known as Big Bear Mountain Resorts. Big Bear Mountain Resort is the perfect place for hiking. There is an expansive network of roads and trails in Snow Summit.

If you ride the Scenic Sky Chair, you can enjoy picturesque hiking roads and trails with breathtaking scenic terrain and Big Lake’s vistas. One of the shortest routes is 1 mi/1.6 km long. As you make your way down the mountain, feel the intoxicating smell of wildflowers and admire the beautiful view of Big Bear Lake landscapes.

If you want to make a longer hike, go behind the View Haus, down to Skyline Drive and across the ridge line to enjoy the spectacular view of the Santa Ana River Valley.