Cliff Diving in Winterton, Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal South Africa

Jumps :
Rising from the Eastern Cape and running along the Kwazulu-Natal's western border, the Drakensberg mountain range is the highest in South Africa standing at 3482 m/11424 ft in height. The mountains are capped by a layer of basalt of 1400 m/4593 ft thick and offers amazing flora and fauna.

Winterton is home to the Kong Canyon which is set deep within the heart of the Injesuthi Valley. The diving section includes a succession of rappels down trickling waterfalls. The tour starts with an energetic hike to cliff diving start point.

The jumps range between 5-25 m/16-82 ft with some of them dry and others in water. No experience is needed as you have well-skilled guides to take you through the whole adventure.