Hang Gliding in Nevis Range, Fort William, Highlands and Islands United Kingdom

Maximum Altitude:
Take-off Altitude:
Nevis Range is a sport resort on the southern slopes of Aonach Mor, that offers a wide range of many extreme or less extreme sports to its visitors. It is located at about 6 mi/10 km from Fort William, the largest town of the Highlands in Scotland.

Nevis Range is a worthwhile extreme spot for Hang Gliding. It offers the only gondola system in Britain, so hang gliders can use the freight deck in order to carry their equipment for a take-off at an altitude of 650 m/2132 ft, where the top station is based on.

Your flight can start either from the Sgurr Finnisg-aig or the Meall Beag viewpoints. Get ready and feel the sense of privilege to navigate across the sky, while drifting from cloud to cloud. This is Hang Gliding! Enjoy the clear mountain air, the stunning landscapes and the breathtaking panoramic view of the Scottish Highlands.

It’s worth noting, that Nevis Range can be extremely different from season to season, as far as weather condition is concerned, so make sure you first check for any modifications or cancellation of events.