Ziplining in Clarens, Maluti Mountains, Free State South Africa

The Free State is situated on the flat boundless plains in the heart of South Africa. Known locally as the "breadbasket" of South Africa, it is an agricultural city and most of its land lies at 1000 m/3281 ft above sea level. It is the land of rugby, sunny skies and characterized by a continental climate, with warm to hot summers and cool to cold winters.

Just below Claren’s center, situated in the foothills of the Maluti Mountains, there is the amazing Willow Trees Valley and a river. Here is where you experience the adrenaline rush as you glide across the valley. You jump on a zipline from one point and come back across the Willow Valley in the opposite direction.

Zip-lining here is relatively a new activity for anyone to perform but it is a picking up momentum. The spot has 2 ziplines each at 150 m/492 ft in one location. Safety here is at its highest level with top notch harnesses, slings and tandem pulleys. Advance booking is necessary so as not to miss a chance to experience this amazing adventure!!!