Ziplining in Greek Peak Mountain, Cortland, New York USA

Over 40 mph /64 kph
60 ft / 18 m
Greek Peak Mountain Resort is a popular ski resort located near Cortland, New York. Being famous for the great snow conditions, the resort attracts many visitors from every corner of the earth each year.

Greek Peak Mountain is one of the best tourist destinations for both summer and winter season. With a wide range of activities, this place can make you have the time of your life. So, visit this spot and enjoy yourself by experiencing the ziplining activity.

So, admire the stunning views of the mountain, while soaring at about 60 ft/18 m above the ground. Fly at speeds over 40 mph/64 kph on a 1300 ft/397 m long zip line. You can also exercise you  activity accompanied with your friends, as ziplines are dual. The activity is separated into 4 sections, suitable for all skill levels.

Those who just want to get familiar with this activity, can start from the Blue Line, which is the training zipline starting at the second floor of the Adventure Center building, and is 300 ft/91 m long. Northwoods Express (50 ft/15 m long) is addressed to those who want to try something bigger. If you need more challenge, Wolf Jaw (900 ft/274 m long) is all you need. For zipline thrill seekers, Cloudsplitter (1165 ft/ 355 m long) is available. The spot will provide you with all the necessary safety equipment and a well skilled staff.