Ziplining in Canada Olympic Park, Calgary, Alberta Canada

Top Elevation:
1250 m (4100 ft)
Base Elevation:
1130 m (3710 ft)
Get ready, it is time for action in the most suitable Canadian place. Canada Olympic Park known as Pascapoo Ski Hill is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Park is situated in western Calgary, south of the Trans-Canada Highway, north of the community of Cougar Ridge and west of Bowness. This place invites all lovers of adventure to feel the adrenaline at the highest level, practicing the most exciting activity.

Canada Olympic Park is one of the most famous tourist destinations for summer and winter season. This spot gives fans the opportunity to have fun and enjoy themselves, offering the best conditions for both their holidays and activities.

With a wide range of winter as well as summer activities, panoramic views and plenty of hospitality, this park can be your best getaway. So, let yourself escape from the daily routine by visiting this amazing Canadian spot and performing the best zip lining.

Canadian Olympic Park has a top elevation of 1250 m (4100 ft) and a base elevation of 1130 m (3710 ft). The park provides one of North America’s fastest zipline. So, fly down in a very capable system and comfortable harness, reaching speeds between 120 to 140 kph/74 to 86 mph. The ski jump tower offers a zipline that is 500 m (1640 ft) long with a vertical drop of more than 100 m (328 ft). In order to exercise this activity, participants must weigh between 70 and 250 lb (32-115 kg).