Paintball in Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio USA

Playing fields:
Concept (Speedball/Hyperball)
Mansfield is a city in the heart of Ohio, USA. It is the county seat of Richland County and lies between Cleveland and Columbus. Nicknamed as The Fun Center of Ohio, Mansfield is the place to visit.

Mansfield is known for the Palazzo and the Tower City Center, but perhaps you don’t care about any of these. You just want to play one of the most popular sports in the area, paintball. One facility near Mansfield satisfies the specifications needed, even of the most demanding player, the Battle Zone Paintball Park.

At this area all stops are pulled out, in order to give new players but also veterans a good time on the fields. The fields of the park are four, three battle fields and a fort to fort course in the woods. The forts are regularly sprayed for mosquitoes and cleaned.

At the battle zones, you will come across a huge outdoor 5 man X – Ball (Speedball) tournament field, a military field with trip wires, army tank and more, and a large village Urban Assault Course with 14 houses and forts that are scattered in the woods. The X – Ball field, due to the tournaments, has a gigantic spectators area, where a large number of enthusiasts can come and watch the game.

The paintball field is christian based, featuring a Pro Shop, CO2 tank fills and available rental equipment. Future plans include a western town named the OK Corral. Many people want to play at this awesome fields, so reservations are mandatory. If you are eager to shoot someone with paint, don’t waste any more time!