Paintball in CPX Sports, Joliet, Illinois USA

Opening schedule:
Joliet is a city situated in both Will and Kendall Counties of Illinois, USA. The city is at 40 mi/64 km in the southwest of Chicago and is the county seat of Will County.

Get ready to be fully addicted to a thrilling, exciting, adrenaline rush game of paintball in an awesome facility near Joliet, CPX Sports. Prepare yourself for the total immersion with amenities, such as a complete Pro-shop, a theater for safety briefings, a snack bar and indoor plumbing.

Opened year round, this paintball facility in Joliet is ready to welcome all adrenaline hunters in a rushing game. Live the ultimate experience in 17 fields, ready to host all insane paintball players who just want to shoot!!!! You will not be able to choose between all of these fields and how can you?

The Bedlam is a complete town, a slice of Americana with a 1950’s sense. The town seems so quiet, but in a matter of time all hell can break loose!! Snipers, total anarchy, smoke and paintball players running to hide and shoot, hide and shoot, hide and shoot…

The total disaster comes with Armageddon, which once was a proud city on the banks of the Marshon River. Now, deserted and destroyed by years of war, all it has are some remains where you can hide and startle your enemies.

The Jungle of the Doom is a forbidden place that many men are scared of, where there is a hidden temple with an idol made of gold and emeralds, as the myth tells. Many treasure hunters were lured, but did not come back alive. The year is 1939 and the field is ready to host all the wanna be Indiana Jones.

The Fort Courage is a strategically located fort in the Dakota Territory placed in year 1876. Make sure to protect the fort and satisfy the Colonel in a one of a life time paintball experience.

The Wasteland is huge field, full of some of the finest cars that were set to the torch by a band of road warriors right after the Great War of the New Order.

El Centro, a South American country is the perfect out of the way get away, as people of the country find themselves caught in the middle of the revolution. Also 11 more fields wait for you to explore them and promise pure fun. The only question is can you handle all the excitement?