Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Bexhill, East Sussex, South East England United Kingdom

Skill Level:
Intermediate-Advanced Kitesurfers
Wind Direction:
East Sussex is located in the south of England. The county enchants visitors with its scenic coastline, historic towns, and unspoilt landscapes. But that is not all, East Sussex also provides a great number of recreational activities for visitors and locals alike.

Bexhill-on-Sea or Bexhill is a seaside town that is located in the south of England. Bexhill is popular for the adrenaline sport lovers, offering great sea breeze conditions for intermediate and advanced kite-surfers.The size of the swell starts working at 1.5 m/5 ft and holds up to 4 m/12 ft. In addition, the ideal wind direction is from the southwest and the best swell direction is from the west.

Keep in mind that, the beach can get really crowded with bathers, surfers and other kite-surfers. In the end, there are kite-surfing schools and experienced instructors will help you with all the necessary training, even if you are a beginner.