Parasailing in Port Aransas, Corpus Christi, Texas USA

Wave Type:
Wave Directions:
Left and right
Good wind directions:
Northwest, West, Southwest
over 200 to 300 ft (60.96-91.44 m)
Port Aransas is the most appropriate place to visit. It is situated north of Padre Island. Although it is one of the longest barrier islands along the Texas coast, Port Aransas offers to visitors perfect conditions for their pleasure and adventure.

If you want to relax and do something out of the ordinary, you should visit this place and try to exercise the most exciting activity, parasailing.

Port Aransas has years of experience in parasailing and the best conditions for this amazing activity. The waves are normal with beach-break type, right and left directions and normal length from 50 to 150 m (164-492 ft). In good days the wave length can reach from 150 to 300 m (492-984 ft).

So, imagine yourself soar to heights of over 200 to 300 ft (60.96-91.44 m) above the dark blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico accompanied by different bird species at northwest, west and southwest best wind directions. Winds range from 14 mph/23 kph to 21 mph/34 kph. If you need privacy, you can visit this spot at weekdays.

In order to perform your activity with safety and fun, you can find specific schools on spot, which can teach you the appropriate techniques. So, having found the best place, best conditions and security, the only thing you have to do is to visit this area as soon as possible.