Jet Skiing in South Padre Island, Corpus Christi, Texas USA

Wave quality:
Regional classic
Wave type:
Wave direction:
Left and right
Good wind direction:
Northwest, west, southwest
If you are looking for something different and extreme, South Padre Island is the best place to visit. It is a resort town in Cameron County, Texas, U.S. South Padre Island is famous for its white, sunny beaches. This place has everything you need for your vacations and entertainment. So, discover this place and you will understand what we are talking about.

It is time for action and adventure. So, stop thinking about your worries and get in touch with this sea paradise. The best way to discover the marine environment is by exercising the most exciting activity, jet skiing. Having the weather conditions in your favor, it will be easier for you to enjoy your favorite activity.

The wave type is beach-break with regional classic quality and left and right directions. The normal wave length is short (50 m /164 ft) and on good days (on a good, solid hurricane or cold front swell) long (50-150 m/164-492 ft).  So, start a game with the wind and waves and feel your body, mind and technical skills merge into one.

Having all information and conditions you need, the only thing left to do is to make the right decision and visit this spot. You can find a lot of schools and rental shops around. After getting in touch with this sea paradise, don’t miss to try spicy Mexican food.