Climbing Walls in Ridgeland, Jackson North Area, Mississippi USA

Beginners to Experts
Price Range:
$10 - $30
"Jackson, Mississippi: City with Soul" is the current motto for the notorious capital of the U.S. state of Mississippi, which sits atop the Jackson Volcano. Located at the southern border of the Mississippi Delta, Jackson is the capital as well as the largest city in the Mississippi state. The total area of 277 km²/106.95 mi² was inhabited by the Choctaw Nation for thousands of years before European encounter.

It’s kind of hard to find rock climbing spots in Jackson, but it’s easy to go for an indoor rock climbing at The Hangout Indoor. Mimicking the experience of outdoor rock climbing, but a little safer and in more friendly and colorful environment, indoor climbing gyms have managed to increase the popularity of the sport of climbing. Though there are some differences in style, equipment and techniques between outdoor and indoor climbing, the excitement is the same.

Created in 2012, The Hangout Indoor Rock Climbing Gym has two walls for bouldering with a connecting over hang. Being relatively new, the walls give you the perfect opportunity to get creative and choose your own routes. As for the equipment? It all waits for you to buy or rent at the Hangout Indoor Rock Climbing Gym. All you have to do is wear your comfy clothes and start climbing your way up those walls. Exercise, excitement and fun all combined into one! What are you waiting for?