Hot Air Ballooning in Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi USA

Weather conditions:
Calm, clear
Ideal Time:
Sunrise, sunset
About an hour
"Jackson, Mississippi: City with Soul" is the current motto for the notorious capital of the U.S. state of Mississippi, which sits atop the Jackson Volcano. Located at the southern border of the Mississippi Delta, Jackson is the capital as well as the largest city in the Mississippi state. The total area of 277 km²/106.95 mi² was inhabited by the Choctaw Nation for thousands of years before European encounter.

Famous for its music, including Gospel, Blues and R&B, with many notable musicians stemmed or gotten inspired by the city of Jackson, it is the perfect place for a mixture of culture and recreation. With its downtown attractions, historic market and annual events, the city of Jackson can be a place of interest for any type of visitor.

The ideal way to enjoy the true beauty of Jackson would be from a bird’s eyes view. The majesty of Mississippi will be more apparent than ever, being seen from above the treetops. The only way to do that is by rising up into the sky with a Hot Air Balloon.

Whether you choose the sunrise or sunset, the colors of the sky and the feelings of tranquility and freedom will overwhelm you. Before you embark, you will be given a detailed flight briefing and you can help the pilot and the ground crew prepare the hot air balloon for flight. After boarding the wicker basket of the balloon will get underway. The ascent is so soft that you may not immediately be aware that you have left the ground. You will fly like a feather, light and gentle, for almost an hour in the friendly skies, gazing down upon the world. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

A perfect experience needs a perfect ending… So, don’t forget to celebrate the completion of your flight with a champagne toast. “To the next flight” maybe?