BMX in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York USA

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Far Rockaway starts at the Nassau County line and extends west to Beach 32nd Street. It is a neighborhood on the Rockaway Peninsula in the New York City borough of Queens in the United States. It is said that the name " Rockaway " may have meant "place of sands" in the Munsee language.

Far Rockaway is a place with several points in its favor. So, it’s no wonder why many people visit this place every year. Except of the marine beauty, the stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean, many cozy hotels and restaurants with delicious dishes, the site offers an amazing  all year round skatepark, with the appropriate characteristics for an awesome BMX activity.

The middle ledge section has about 3 different levels, all types of ledges edged with metal, manny pads and a couple euro-gaps. Exercise your activity on a smooth ground with great flow and cement banks everywhere. There are also six-stair sits in the middle of the park with a handrail in the middle and metal ledges on either side. Additionally, there’s a medium size volcano and a circle like spine that give the park its unique look. With these features, the park has the potential to reach your activity at its peak.

For your sport, helmets are not required. So, guys get tired and dirty by exercising your favorite activity in the most suitable place.