Mountaineering in Ortler, Solda, Trentino-South Tyrol Italy

Ortler: Tabaretta Refuge:
Ottorino Mezzalama Refuge:
Serristori Refuge:
Casati Refuge :
Trentino is just the ideal place for mountaineering. The entire region is situated in the zone of the Italian Alps. The options are endless.

You can practice mountaineering both in summer and in winter period with the adequate equipment. You can choose to summit the hills and the high peaks or simply explore the plateau among the mountains, walking on the shore of crystal clear lakes or rivers. Over 13000 km/8077 mi long of trails and routes are waiting to be explored.  The excellent organized network and the high professional level of the authorities and the guides of the area, ensure that you can practice mountaineering in total safety and with high standards.

Cedevale, in Ortles valley, is a high-quality suggestion for winter mountaineering, offering strong feelings and excitement. As well in mountain Presanela, in Trentino, with its 3558 m/11673 ft altitude, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience. With so big and extended playground, it is sure that the only problem you will encounter is the variety of choices! Seize the challenge!!