Mountain Climbing in Cortina d’ Ampezzo, Belluno, Veneto Italy

Antelao mountain:
South eastern of Cortina, 3264m/10708ft a.s.l
Tofana di Rozes mountain group:
Northern of Cortina, 3225m/10580ft a.s.l
Cortina d’ Ampezzo, the most well known resort in Dolomites mountain chain area, offers excellent conditions for the passionate of mountain sports and especially for the lovers of mountain climbing.

The morphology of the area offers an incredible number and variety of choices. With locations available above 3000 m/9842 ft and more than 850 free climbing spots and 1000 climbing routes, Cortina d’ Ampezzo is fairly the capital city of mountain climbing. Endless miles of vertical climbing, with different levels of difficulty, make Cortina the top destination for the enthusiast of the sport.

Excursions and tours are organized on a regular basis from local alpine schools and associations. In the 56 mountain refuges, it is possible to have an overnight for long lasting hours tours. The most famous mountain climbing spot is the location of ‘’Cinque Torri’’, offering more than 100 climbing routes and which is considered to be the birthplace of the ”Cortina Scoiattoli’s” historical climbing club since 1939.