Mountain Climbing in Carne Mountain Climb, Wenatchee, Washington USA

Top elevation:
Best climbing time:
July to October
Wenatchee is the largest city of Chelan County, located in North Central Washington and lies on the west side of the Columbia River. The city is also known as the Apple Capital of the world, due to the valley's apple cultivations.

Carne Mountain is located at the East side of the Glacier Peak Wilderness and stands above Chiwawa River. The top elevation of the mountain is at 7085ft/2159m high and is suitable for climbing, from July to October.

In order to approach Carne Mountain, take the Phelps Creek Trailhead that leads you the mountain base. It is an easy and enjoyable climb, suitable for all skill levels. During summer, when the snow has melted, Carne Mountain is barely a scramble climb.

Once you reach the top, you can admire fantastic views of the surrounding summits and Chiwawa River. If you visit the mountain in early season, take an ice axe and crampons with you.