Scuba Diving in Bicton Baths, Perth, Western Australia Australia

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Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, located on the Swan River. The climate here is classified as Mediterranean, with hot and dry summers and cool and wet winters. Immerse yourself in the unique combination of stunning natural surroundings, beautiful beaches with clear waters, greenery parklands and outstanding city architecture that attract visitors all year long.

But that is not all, Perth offers a variety of sports and leisure activities to sport lovers. Bicton Baths is an easy and rewarding dive in Perth. The average depth here is at 2 m/6.6 ft and the maximum is at 6 m/19.7 ft. Visibility is medium and varies from 5 m/16.4 ft to 10 m/32.8 ft. The spot is suitable for novice and advanced divers alike. In addition, it is considered to be a great location for the first dive.

Divers will be surprised by the abundant life of this river, with a vast number of prawns, bream, yellow tailed grunters, blowfish, flounder and seahorses. Bicton Baths is also a very popular site for night diving, when all the prawns and crabs come out. Last but not least, Perth provides with a plethora of accommodation options, restaurants and bars to relax and have fun. Note: be careful of boat traffic.