Cross Country Skiing in Mount Hood Skibowl, Portland, Oregon USA

Skiable terrain:
960 acres/3.88 km²
3600 feet/1097 m
Average snowfall:
300 inches/762 cm
Mount Hood Skibowl is a ski area located on Mount Hood, near Goverment Camp.

It is also known as a night skiing area, the largest one close to Portland. You can enjoy 960 ac/3.88 km² of skiable terrain, most of which is lit. The elevation reaches up to 3600 ft/1097 m and average snowfall is estimated to be around 300 in/762 cm. There are 65 runs in this resort and you need plenty of time to explore them all.

This spot attracts all experience levels, from beginners to experts, so there is something here for everyone. A great way to enjoy nature at Mount Hood National Forest is cross country skiing through its numerous trails.

The powder snow, the trip through the woods and the challenging weather conditions form a bonding experience between you and your fellow skiers, worth living. You can get your gear at the resort and also be a member of a tour through the trails.

There are restaurants and great accommodation in the area. Many events and attractions take place here from time to time, so if you want to amuse yourself while doing your favorite sport, you might want to check the schedule before arriving.