Surfing in Jax Beach Pier, Jacksonville, Florida USA

Skill Level:
Beginners and Advanced
Best season:
All year round
Best wind direction:
North, West
Parking, showers
Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida State, located on the banks of St. John's River and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. With 300 days of long sunshine, a coastline of over 20 mi/32 km long, inter-coastal waterways and the largest urban park system in the country, Jacksonville is a paradise and a top destination for outdoor activities and holidays all year round.

With humid subtropical climate, Jacksonville has hot humid summers with light thunderstorms during the afternoon hours and mild freezes during winter. The overall temperature varies from 18 to 33°C (64 to 92°F) all year round.

Jax Beach Pier is a favorite destination for a wide variety of water sports with surfing being definitely one of them. The temperature of the sea ranges from 28 to 29°C (82 to 84°F) in the summer months and from 18 to 22°C (64 to 72°F) in the winter.

The type of the wave is beach break with normal quality and it takes both right and left directions. Suitable for beginner as well as advanced surfers, the bottom of the sea is sandy and the speed of the wave is ordinary and fun to ride.

The size of the swell starts working from 3 ft/1 m and holds up to 8 ft/2.5 m while the best swell direction is when coming from Southeast, East. You can surf in this spot all year round and if you are looking for some extra fun, visit the beach in the afternoon where light thunderstorms boost up the waves.

Note that the beach is crowded almost all the time and be careful of the fishing lines hanging from the pier as well as buoys and boats.